Features:Cold star

DC to DC Converter Charger

Features: Cold start on full load Inbuilt isolation Built-in Dynamic bypass Other Details: The features of these products are as follows: Cold start on full load Built-in Dynamic bypass Inbuilt isolation Generator compatibility Wide input voltage range True on-line double conversion Extend Autonomy up to 4 hours with external charger Easy to handle Flawless performance Applications: Portable Power Back-up Solutions Emergency Lights Medical equipment Industrial processes Small & Medium computer rooms LAN & Wan servers Hubs Routers Bridges Office Telecommunications systems Specifications: Item Code: 26 v-3 Amps Cc-Cv Charger Dc to Dc Converter LI Ion Battery Bank Dimensions: 70 mm x 150 mm x 180 mm Weight: 2 Kg Discharge (max): 3 Amps continuous Temperature: 20 deg c to 60deg c Additional Information: Item Code: 26V-3Amps

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